CKHCS & Edu Enrichment, Inc.
        CKHCS              & Edu Enrichment, Inc.

If your method of payment is  by credit card, please bring your card with you, your card will not be charged until you are present in class. The card will only be submitted for payment upon your attendance. Once CPR cards have been mailed, you will receive an email confirming your card has been sent to you. We request you send a email to let us know you received your card. If card has not been received within 2 weeks, a second card will not be issued if instructor has not been notifited that card has not been received within 2 week duration.


Payment Option: Visa Credit or debit, Master Card, Check, Cash


All Classes TBA at our Rhode Island locations and by arrangment. 



Walk in are welcome, please call in to confirm class scheduled times and locations.


Your card will be mailed and if you have not received your card after 2 weeks please notify us no later than 3 business days following the 2 weeks. Once card has been received please notify us to confirm you have receive the card. if your card does not arrive and you have not notified instructor before the 3rd business day following the 2 week duration there will be a 10.00 charge for a duplicate card. Unreceived CARDS MUST BE REPORTED.